Summer afternoon around Lake Endine.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

<< Let's go somewhere we've never been before, I need to breathe fresh air>> 

I and my beloved photographer love travelling, discover new places, and when we have free time or just we feel to move away from our little town, we GO! Exactly 2 weeks ago, we've visited one of the least known lakes in Lombardy, Lake Endine. With it's mountains and landscape reflected in the water, offers a very suggestive sight. It's a quiet and relaxing place, some people are canoeing, fishing or sunbathe on the grass near the lake.
Since the place was so beautiful and quiet it's so easy to lose track of time so I decided to complete my look with a fantastic watch, minimalist, trendy, the strap is in genuine leather and it's available in various colors. Check out their site MOCKBERG.COM or take a look on their social networks, rich of inspiring pics.

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