Welcome to Greece (part 1)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Not sure from where to start this "travel guide"... We've seen so many beautiful places, we did such interesting experiences ( a good part of our list ) so I think as beautiful as they can be, photos never bring to the viewer the true emotions behind the camera.

I couldn't realize that I was finally flying so far towards Greece, neither when we landed, neither when I entered for the first time in the room... My vacation was started when my feet touched the sand, the hot sand of Lakitira Resort & Village beach.

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We landed to Kos after about 3 hours of flight, just outside the small airport a bus was waiting for us ( you have to book for it ) and in less than half an our we arrived at destination!

We decided to spend the holiday to Kardamena, but to be more precise, the hotel we've chose was out of town so my first impressions was OMG, what we'll do, where we'll go the whole week without a car? Lakitira Resort & Village is a perfect accomodation for family holidays and young adventurers. There are a lot of activities to do every day, never a dull moment! I will write about them in the next post... so stay tuned!

This year we were really lucky, for all the vacation the weather was very nice, sunny every day and a bit windy ( but it's a positive point! specially when you want to get a tan on the beach ). In my suitcase I've brought denim shorts, dresses and some shirts 'cause are easy to wear, easy to match with everything. 
The cold shoulder shirt is extremely popular on summer, and this one from Gamiss.com is so pretty! I worn it with my new vintage skirt for a walk on the beach at sunset, so romantic! 

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