Activities to do at Lakitira Resort & Village.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I recommend this village on the southern coast of Kos to those young guys who are looking for some interesting fun activities and also to everyone else who just want a quiet and totally relaxing holiday.

I'm trying to remember and relive the emotions of my summer adventures through the beautiful photos, while I stay warm under a blanket... 
The first 2 days, me and Florin enjoyed the beach and the clear sea, right there where you can have fun with different activities and watersports,  just a short walk away the hotel! 

Kos is one of the Greek islands with the most popular watersports centers; do you like sailing? Or maybe you prefer windsurfing? Whatever your preference or lever of expertise, whether you want to learn and practise essential skills or improve your technique, Lakitira is the place to be! 
But if you want to try the breeze of paraschending (a sport which you wear a parachute and you are connected by a long rope to a boat wich pulls you up into the air as it moves forward on the water), you have to go to Kardamena's beach, few km away the resort. Another popular attraction is the stand up puddle, unfortunately we couldn't do these 2 watersports because the wind was not in our favor...
For my brave boyfriend was something unforgetable and absolutely thrilling. ATTENTION! Diving is not recommended for those who, as me, are afraid of deep water! ( diving includes 1h in the hotel pool and 1h offshore diving , 20 m depth, always accompanied by a friendly coach )

"For me was the first dive but surely won't be my last. I never expected so much life under the surface of the water. A whole new world opens in front of you. Swimming side by side with some gorgeous fish, it's a moment you can't forget. I strongly recommend you to try it on your next trip!"

OMG...The worst and the best experience of the vacation... Explore the area on a mountain bike it looked so exciting, so interesting, but I didn't consider the sporting side. The bright side is that you can enjoy fantastic sea views and visit areas of the island no-one else sees! Well...when the 20 km mountain bike tour started, I was really excited and full of energy ( I mean, I always use a bike in Italy, it is not so tiring...), but when I saw that the entire route was unphill, i began to lose the breath! I thought; I didn't came to die in this arid place under the sun at 3 pm, I want to go back, I am stopping here, and it is exactly what I did.  I surrendered probably not even half way.

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