A beautiful dress in a charming place: Rocca D'Olgisio.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Freshly pictures taken yesterday at Rocca D'Olgisio. The imposing stronghold, towering above the Tidone and Chiarone valleys, is one of the oldest of the Piacenza area. The wonderful landscapes and the magical atmosphere left me speechless, even if it was a very foggy Sunday and the view wasn't totally clear.

Rocca D'Olgisio - www.roccadolgisio.it
This blue dress looks like it came out of Kate Middleton's wardrobe or it's just me? Is simple and sophisticated, the hem is to the knee, solid color and in cotton blend, I can say that the dress is really perfect. I felt very comfortable wearing it, and this is the secret of looking always great.

Dresslily.com dress


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